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The Do's and Don'ts of PBCE

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We're breaking down what you can expect when working with our skilled team

What we do. 
What we don't do. 
What we allow. 
What we don't allow.

We are a team of wedding experts, planners and entertainment. We meet with the merriers, we listen to what they want and then we do everything we can to make their dreams come true! We throw unconventional parties, while making sure everyone is safe and happy. 

We do not have more meetings than needed. 
We do not stress people out with small details. 
We do not micromanage the wedding party. 
We do not allow outside decorations or decorators.

We allow confetti cannons, foam parties, glitter bombs and more - much more!
We allow happiness, cheering, celebrating, wild champaign sprays and uncontrollable laughter. 

We don't allow cigarette butts or animals. 

Who is our ideal client?
Our ideal client for an all inclusive wedding, is somebody who is not wanting to handle all the details of their wedding on their own. Our preferred client is someone who clearly knows their vision. They must be able to identify what they want, and what they don't want on their big day. They may already have a PA (personal assistant) in their personal life or at work. They don't have the desire to contribute a lot of hands-on work and would rather explain their vision and walk away, trusting it will be taken care of by our team of experts. 

As much as we understand that planning a wedding can be - and often is - a family event, that is not something we can entertain. We will only be meeting with the merriers and ask that no other guests come to the meetings between the merriers and PBCE staff. Only certain meetings are meant for guests to attend (such as the food tastings) but general meetings will take place only with the parties that sign our contract.