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Planners, Designers and Day of Coordinators, oh my!

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Let's break down what these titles mean

Wedding Planners, Wedding Designers, Wedding Stylists, Day Of Coordinators....what do these titles mean and how to decide what's best for YOUR wedding day!

Do you need a wedding planner or a wedding designer? What are the the main differences? 

A Wedding Planner is someone who plans your entire wedding including your timeline, based off your answers and requests. Sometimes a wedding planner will get the answers out of you in a long tense meeting. Other times, the excited merriers show up with a binder of color swatches, songs for the DJ, a grand exit getaway idea...along with the list of phone numbers & all pertinent information.

The Wedding Planner's main job is to fulfill your wishes. Planners help create the wedding of your dreams based upon the dreams you have given to them.

Planners focus on the logistics of a wedding day, but in an entirely different approach than other key members behind the scenes. Wedding planners will also help you stay on the budget! It is also their job to pack up your gifts, make sure your marriage license is safe, grab your heels everytime you take them off and clean up all the things that need to be cleaned up by the end of the night.

A Wedding Designer (also known as a wedding Stylist) focuses on logistics of the big day of course - but for entirely different reasons! A Wedding Designers' job is to play a key role in executing your vision. The designer is also in charge of bringing in textures, matching them with your colors and linens. They decide what (if any) pipe and draping will be used, which material(s) will be the most fitting for the occasion. Designers control almost everything from the ambiance and color scheme, down to the plateware and uplighting. Designers assist with lighting, flowers, decor, and even wedding party attire to ensure that your wedding has a cohesive look. The Designer's job is to listen to you and your description of the overall dream wedding/event that you are wanting.

A Day-of Coordinator: This person ensures that the contract details get carried out. They will be there the whole day working alongside your other vendors, making sure everything is going smooth.