David Tutera

"Audrey is very uncommon. You can tell she is 100% eclectic. Audrey runs at an energy level of 100."

David Tutera, celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, author and professional speaker

"I attended a Mardi Gras party hosted by Pole Barn Chic and was dazzled by the authenticity. From the outstanding cooked-on-site menu of New Orleans food, to the entertainment by a Grammy Award nominee Zydeco band, this was the best party I have ever attended!" 

Cecilia, Springfield, IL

- - -

"If you are looking for a professional event planner, Audrey is the chosen one! She brings an unbelievable level of energy to the meetings along with a host of ideas; I was so thrilled with her professional services. I booked two events!"


- - -

"I was completely blown away by the effort that was put forth into the party. Not only were the things I'd expect to see, like food, drinks, maybe some party favors, in place and waiting for us, but there was a level of care and extra effort that I'd have never expected.  One of the biggest concerns I had, given it was August 2020, was that there'd be things that would make having a real party atmosphere more difficult, due to the Covid limitations. But, there was real effort put into making it as safe as possible. Hand sanitizer, social distancing of tables, etc. It truly brought a sense of security, and despite the size, everyone came, had a great time, and went home happy & healthy."

Brandon Cloud, Audrey's Mardi Gras Birthday, August 2020

- - -

"I was invited to an authentic quinceanera that Audrey three years ago for her own daughter. It was the third one I had attended, but it was the first one here in the States. Honestly, I was skeptical because Audrey was young and had never even been to a quinceanera, nor planned one. I will never forget it. The atmosphere I encountered that night, made me feel like I was reliving vacations in Cabo. The cooking took me straight to the more gritty, natural parts of Mexico I traveled to when I was younger. Taking a bite of food and having it take you to an exact moment in your life, from an entire other country, from almost 5 decades ago? Unbelievably on point. I thought it was absolutely magnificent!"


- - -

"Audrey and her team did such a phenomenal job setting up my four year old daughter's birthday party last July. The food is to die for, the music is fantastic, decorations are amazing... I can go on and on. The best part is that Audrey took the stress off of me and took it in her hands and it was flawless."

Jeffrey, Springfield

- - -

"I am a professional performer and have travelled all over the world performing for live crowds, private events and festivals. When I arrived to play for Audrey's Mardi Gras party, I was blown away! She put the party together in 3 weeks! I have worked weddings & events that had planners working on that didn't look as up to par as Audrey's. She brought New Orleans, LA to Springfield, Illinois. The confetti, the decorations, the food, the vibe, the people, the entertainment. I felt like I was at home, Sha!"

Dwayne Dopsie, August 2020

- - -

"When I think of the most incredible party I’ve been to, the obvious choice is the Mardi grad party by Audrey! Balloons, photo ops, live music, incredible food, drinks... what more could you ask for?! I’ve been to Bourbon Street and let me tell you - Audrey can give you that and MORE!!!"

Maddie, Springfield, IL

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