The following information will all be reviewed with the Pole Barn Chic staff member who will be assisting you with the planning of your wedding, however we want to be transparent in our expectations prior to meeting with our merriers.

Communication and Meetings

Meetings with PBC Event Planners: We understand the importance of effective communication. Meetings, Zooms, and FaceTime sessions with our event planners are tailored to your event timeline.

As each event is unique, the frequency of meetings will vary:
4 Weeks Before Your Event: Weekly meetings.
5-8 Weeks Before Your Event: Biweekly meetings.
9 Weeks and Beyond: Monthly meetings.

Working Hours: Our meetings are scheduled during our working hours, which are from 8 AM to 4 PM.
Preparation: We encourage clients to share their vision through vision boards and pictures via email or text. It's essential to be well-prepared for a successful event.
Communication Outside Business Hours: We understand that planning often happens during weekends and evenings. While our official hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, feel free to reach out outside of these hours. We'll do our best to respond within 48-72 hours, considering our event schedules. If it's just pictures, you can share them anytime.

Deposit Forfeiture

Deposits will be forfeited or lost under the following circumstances:

  • Alcohol is brought onto the premises or consumed in a vehicle.
  • Property is damaged.
  • Items go missing.

Event Rules and Policies

No Fighting Policy: Unruly behavior will not be tolerated. This policy applies to all guests, including the wedding party, family, and all attendees.
Gift Handling: Gifts cannot be left in the barn or house, unless the house has been rented for a 3-day period. Gifts will be collected during the event and secured in a designated car by PBC staff and security.
No Weapons or Drugs: No weapons or drugs are allowed on the property. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Vehicle Towing: Vehicles left on the premises will be towed by noon the next day.
Catering: PBC has a Preferred Vendor List (PVL) for caterers, including Cured Catering, Emerald's Eats, and Papos Café. There is a 20% surcharge for outside catering services not on this list, subject to venue approval.
Alcohol Service: All staff, including bartenders, are trained in Illinois BASSETT Alcohol Training. Guests may be denied further bar service if necessary, in consultation with security. Staff Ratio: The event staff, bar staff, and security ratio is 1:25 based on the number of guests.
Last Call: The last call for alcohol service will be between 12:40 – 12:50 AM, with no exceptions.
Decorations: Outside decorations are not permitted. Special items for the ceremony can be accommodated.
No Outside Decorators: Only PBCE staff will handle decorations, planning, and coordination. Decorations and furniture cannot be moved or changed by the wedding party or guests.
Items and Frames: Items, frames, or games must be dropped off 48-72 hours before the event for guaranteed placement. Cigarette and Cigar Policy: A fee is charged for each cigarette butt or cigar found outside designated smoking areas. Clients are encouraged to walk the grounds with PBCE staff before and after the event to ensure all debris is accounted for.
Credit Card on File: A credit card is kept on file for up to 72 hours after the event for unforeseen expenses or damages.

Venue and House Rules

Pole Barn House: The house accommodates up to 40 people, is adults-only, and follows a deposit rule for children under the age of 7.
Child Limit: Three children are allowed with a 1:1 adult ratio. The deposit is determined based on the number of children and is nonrefundable.
Room Rental: If renting single rooms, access is limited to those rooms. No items can be left on the property.
Design Meetings: Design meetings involve the couple getting married. Communication with family members or friends regarding design decisions is not an option.
Event Insurance: Event insurance is required for All Inclusive events.
Liquor License: PBCE operates under its own liquor license and does not allow outside bartenders or bar stations.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or need further clarification.