Elopement Weddings

To elope or not to elope. That is the question. In my experience, elopements, are usually a unanimous decision that people already know they are geared towards from the very beginning.

Maybe you don’t want “the show”. Maybe you aren’t about the grand party and confetti cannons. Hours of dancing, toasts and a midnight buffet isn’t what your dream is – and that is perfectly reasonable and understood! Sometimes it’s a second marriage and they are beyond the “hoopla!”.

Sometimes, an elopement is the first marriage and they just want something small – and that is perfectly reasonable and understood, too! There are no right answers, except to do what feels right to the two merriers.

For people who are wanting a small, intimate, private, personal event that wont break the bank, an elopement is honestly a fantastic choice. An intimate, beautifully decorated ceremony location for up to 20 of your closest friends, family, children and cheerers in your life to support your marriage to each other.

Because in reality, that is perfectly fine, reasonable and understandable - just as much as any other decision you two pick for your special day!